How much does the STAT initiative cost?

The multi-year contracts for technology are hard to follow because there are initial costs and then there are annual costs, which will be paid every single year.  And with each contract, there are multi-year commitments.

But, one thing is clear: The annual lease cost of digital devices on a one-to-one basis will cost about $58 Million per year, and that this is equivalent to paying for almost 1000 teachers (967 to be exact) at a cost of $60,000 per teacher (wages + benefits).

(This is based on the numbers found on the budget proposal which passed on 2/2/16.)

There are two recent articles by Joanne Simpson in the Towson Flyer which outline further the costs of STAT.

When you read these articles, know that the technology teacher positions were eliminated to pay for the STAT initiative.  These technology teachers taught students.  There are new STAT teachers, however, they do not teach students; they do professional development for teachers who teach students.  So, by these definitions alone, the class sizes are going up.

If you want to watch the Board of Education Meeting 2/2/16, they discuss the multi-year contract for 40 million dollars worth of projectors for each classroom, and you will see what the Board of Education members are being asked to understand and vote on, often with much less discussion than what occurred that night.  (The projector contract was returned to re-work the contract because of the questions asked at the meeting.)

Will post the time to watch the projector contracts soon:  2/2/16 Board of Ed live video


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