Secrecy in BCPS – Why Can’t Stakeholders Get Information?

BCPS is slow to release information to the public. Last month, Ann Miller, a member of the BCPS Board of Education, filed a Freedom of Information Act because BCPS would not answer some of her questions. See the article in The Baltimore Sun:

Recently, a parent filed a request for the results of the Speak Up Survey. The Speak Up Survey is given to students, teachers, and parents. Students take the survey during class time and teachers are strongly encouraged to take it – often during faculty meetings. Speak Up is a “national leading education non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that today’s students are well prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders, and engaged citizens of the world” . Speak Up falls under the umbrella of Project Tomorrow. See their website:

Directions are on the website for stakeholders to view the results. You would think that since BCPS touts the survey it would be easy for parents and teaches to access. However, when you follow the steps you eventually come to a brick wall. You must contact the primary admin on record. In the case of BCPS, the admin will inform you that you must file a Maryland Public Information Act with the BCPS Law Office. And the waiting begins….and all correspondence is only via U.S. Post – which further slows things down. The parent who filed the request has been waiting since December…

So maybe every parent who reads this should file a request? That might keep a few people busy in BCPS…How else do we find out what the data says? Main question: why are they being so secretive???


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