One thought on “STAT Costs Continue to Rise (to the tune of $285 million)

  1. … and counting ….

    Here’s a comment also noted on the Flyer story:

    The cost of the STAT initiative is clearly sailing well past $300 million. Far, far past. That’s crazy. There’s $285 million for the first six years. Add in the laptop-connected projectors, if they are approved as is expected within the year, at $30 million to $40 million, and the school system would be spending at least $315 million.

    And with the STAT teachers actually doing STAT-related professional development for another $9 million a year… (Even figuring just five years since things were getting rolling in year one) that adds in $45 million…for a whopping grand total, barring likely unforeseen costs…of $360 MILLION (!) And that’s just for the first several years. (More than $60 million annually after that). This is like one of those head-achey word problems. Only, it’s simple multiplication and addition school board members can certainly follow. And there’s a lot more at stake here than one wrong question on a math test.

    Looks like Montgomery County and other school districts are able to offer 21st century tech options by spending less than $20 million, and that county thought that was too much money.

    Kudos as well to STAT-us BCPS for all who are delving deeply into this important issue.


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