County Auditors Seek Answers on STAT

Thank you to local journalist Joanne Simpson, who continues to closely follow STAT.  This article in The Towson Flyer includes the County Auditor’s memo to Dr. Dance and full audit report.

The County Council hearing to address issues raised in the budget analysis took place on May 18th.  STAT-us BCPS hears that the County Council asked very few questions, which is very disappointing, since so many constituents have shared concerns about STAT with them.  Perhaps it was difficult to question Dr. Dance face-to-face?  Let’s hope the County Auditor’s questions are answered very soon.


2 thoughts on “County Auditors Seek Answers on STAT

  1. The county auditors’ analysis of the BCPS Capital 2016-2017 proposed budget is linked in the Towson Flyer story too, if people are interested in why/how money is being spent for school renovations or replacements, or overcrowding and enrollment data. Apparently overcrowding figures do not take into account portable classrooms– which are counted as classroom space (!). Hope Dulaney and Landsdowne High and others can get some help from the questions and data posed there.


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