New Video: One-Way Ticket on STAT; Part 1 of 4

Another great truth-telling video has come our way.  This follows the “Bullseye” video reposted a couple of weeks ago.  A separate page to curate the expanding STAT-us BCPS Video Collection may be in order …

One-Way Ticket on STAT: Part 1 of 4 of The Truth About STAT and Why Parents (and Politicians) Should Be Paying Attention

Previous videos:

Highlights of a High-Tech Takeover of a Public School System (in 5 steps, 7 mins. and 30 secs.)

Full-Length Version:  Anatomy of a High-Tech Takeover of a Public School System (in 5 simple steps and 25 minutes) 

In Search of the Competency-Based Ed Reform Wizard

STAT or CHAOS? : The global significance of the STAT experiment


2 thoughts on “New Video: One-Way Ticket on STAT; Part 1 of 4

  1. These videos are so illuminating! They really expose the seamy underbelly of this experimental “disruption” now damaging one of the once-great school districts in the nation. 😦

    Thank you for posting, STAT-US BCPS. Please pass along to other education bloggers and the wider media, who should be looking more closely at this extreme, costly version of tech integration, the erstwhile government watchdogs currently ignoring or writing promotional puff pieces. Everyone needs to know about the truth of STAT, and soon, that is… stat.

    Exposing public corruption and the Big Lie. Social justice at its best. The quote from the Superintendent assuring his edtech “partners” that the 10 so-termed “lighthouse” schools were NOT pilots and were never meant to be pilots…

    Here is what was sent out by BCPS when this whole ‘conversion’ was launched via an official press release…

    “Lighthouse” schools announced as part of BCPS instructional digital conversion
    1:1 learning to begin at these schools next school year

    TOWSON, MD. – Ten “Lighthouse” elementary schools will be the first in Baltimore County to pilot the school system’s Instructional Digital Conversion (IDC), a multi-year initiative centered on shifting teaching and learning through the integration of technology.”

    Read the whole smoke-and-mirror kick-off here:

    So the ‘pilot’ concept was just a deception to put parents and teachers at ease? Watch for the same when the grading policy, which Dr. Dance now says is in a “trial year” (via media reports), morphs into computer-based competency education based on ‘skills’ not abstract, higher learning. What a high goal for our students: Being ‘Competent.’


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