Screen Safety Guidelines for Maryland Public Schools: UPDATE

UPDATE:  On March 22nd, reported that:

“House Education Subcommittee Favorably Reviews
HB1110 Classroom Screen Safety legislation

LATEST: Many thanks to the House Ways and Means Committee for moving HB1110 forward for a House floor vote – scheduled for Tuesday, March 27.

UPDATE 3/22: The Montgomery County Board of Education has reconsidered its position on HB1110 and has voted unanimously tonight in support of the classroom screen safety bill.”



Legislation – believed to be the first in the nation – requiring the Maryland State Department of Education and the Maryland Department of Health to draft guidelines of the safe use of digital devices in public-school classrooms failed during the 2017 General Assembly session.

The bill’s 2018 version – HB1110 – appears to be stuck in committee.

Support for the bill, especially from the medical community, is overwhelming.

National groups, including the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood, support this legislation.

Read this March 6, 2018 article about the bill published in Maryland Matters.


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